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The Ultimate In Ultrasonic Inspection and Predictive Maintenance

The Ultraprobe 2000 is a multifaceted instrument that provides testing capability ranging from simplistic forms of leak detection to extremely sophisticated methods of mechanical analysis. UE Engineers designed the Ultraprobe with many user-friendly features so that it can be adapted to approach almost any inspection problem.

Use the Ultraprobe for:
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bearing inspection/monitoring
redbullt.gif (839 bytes)  steam trap inspection
redbullt.gif (839 bytes)  inspection of valves and valve stems
redbullt.gif (839 bytes)  pressure/vacuum leaks
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electrical inspection
redbullt.gif (839 bytes)  inspection of heat exchangers, boilers and condensers

… and many other predictive maintenance areas!

Features of the Ultraprobe 2000:

redbullt.gif (839 bytes)  Frequency Tuning allows the operator to select the specific frequency of a problem sound while reducing interference from competing ultrasonic signals. By tuning from 20 to 100 kHz, an operator is able to easily recognize leakage in gas as well as liquid systems. In addition, information regarding wear patterns in operating equipment can be noted by plotting changes in selected frequencies.

redbullt.gif (839 bytes)  Bi-Modal Meter Switch has two meter functions: Logarithmic Metering which provides instant "real time" response for enhanced leak and fault detection, Linear Mode for bearing and mechanical monitoring, which accommodates an expanded range of sound that is averaged for stabilized readings. The meter switch provides an additional position, Auxiliary, for interfacing with chart recorders. The Ultraprobe can also be easily connected with oscilloscopes, engine analyzers, and data loggers.

redbullt.gif (839 bytes)  A ten turn sensitivity adjust dial covers a wide range of ultrasonic signal reception so that users may detect subtle mechanical and leak problems as well as focus in on gross signals for accurate analysis.

redbullt.gif (839 bytes)  Warble Tone Generators - Patented high frequency transmitters that sweep through a select band of ultrasound. This "warbling" of the frequencies provides ease of recognition while eliminating noding and false signals.

redbullt.gif (839 bytes)  Trisonic Scanning Module - A patented transducer consisting of a phased array of three transducers provides a level of sensitivity beyond anything previously obtainable. The Ultraprobe can hear a leak with an orifice of .005" (.127mm) with 5 psi (.34 bar) pressure at a distance of greater than 50 ft. (15.24 m). Through this unique design feature the Trisonic Transducer provides pinpoint detection capability.

redbullt.gif (839 bytes)  Acoustic Headphones - Noise isolating type: double headset wired monophonic.

redbullt.gif (839 bytes)  Impedance: 160hms. Over 23 dB of noise attenuation. Meets or exceeds ANSI specifications and OSHA standards. Exceeds ASTM-1002-96
Standards for ultrasonic leak detection
.  Intrinsically Safe, Class I, Division 1, Groups A B C & D, Factory Mutual Approved.

redbullt.gif (839 bytes)  UP2000 Kit Includes: Ultra-sensitive ultrasonic detector (frequency selection (20 kHz - 100 kHz) control with calibrated detent for wideband and ultra-narrow band modes; precision edgewise meter; 3-way meter/auxiliary mode selector; numerically calibrated 10-turn attenuator control; rechargeable batteries with low-level indicator light; anodized aluminum housing; Trisonic Scanner Module (for airborne ultrasound); Stethoscope Module (for internal analysis); 31 inch Stethoscope Extension Kit; Rubber Focusing Probe; high-power frequency modulation Warble Tone Generator with adjustable power output; deluxe noise isolating headset; and Zero-Haliburton aluminum carrying case. Intrinsically Safe Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, & D. Instruction Manual and VHS Video Training Tape.

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